About Us


Bingo and a Movie (BaaM) had a great run with the American Diabetes Association raising $130,000 over 10 years. Now BaaM is turning our attention to Hatboro Horsham High School Seniors. All proceeds from the event will go into a scholarship fund for Hatboro Horsham graduating seniors and be awarded to two students who have given back to the community.

In February 2006, my wife and I thought it would be fun to have a little something, play some kind of game to raise some money for a worthy charity.  At my son’s birthday party, in March, I noticed my father was having some trouble getting around.  He complained that he had some pain in his legs and feet.  After taking him to his doctor we learned that the pain was related to his diabetes.  Obviously with this discovery and all we were learning about the devastating effects of diabetes, we knew it would be natural to do a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.  Not knowing the severity of my Dad’s diabetes, I thought it would be great for him to take part in this small benefit.  By May, my Father’s condition worsened greatly and he passed away from complications of diabetes.  My Father was too young and it all happened so quickly.  It was very hard on our family.  This event has been very healing for us.  It has given me the determination to work hard to raise awareness and funds for the ADA so that others don’t need to suffer like my Dad.  My Dad really enjoyed a good movie (and some I thought were not so good), so that’s why we do the movie.  As far as the bingo goes . . . it kinda just came to me.  Something different.  This so-called "little event", in our 8 years, has collected over $100,000 in donations and was put together and attended by over 650 people this past year!  With the help of friends, family and our community, the sky’s the limit.


My neighbors are incredible.  Without much of a choice, I signed them all up for jobs.  None of them even hesitated for a moment; they all pitched in and gave their full support.  And not just that day, days leading up to the event, the day of the event, the day after clean up, and many other days throughout the year for planning.


I am very lucky to know so many good people.



In memory of Don Dillon, beloved father, husband, pop pop, brother, uncle and friend.